OH Dear Day!

I didn’t realize how much time I have focused on this one website. I have been living on line here.  March 4th was the perfect storm for my wake up call. It was an emotional day at best.  My plans to say goodbye to my father got changed and I didn’t get the chance. I had already taken off work and couldn’t get that changed. I couldn’t reach the site and found myself checking back and fretting most of the day and for what? Have I really moved so much of myself here that I am addicted? I am thinking perhaps that is the case. Am I living on line more than I am living in my home?  I am not sure and clearly it’s time to make an assessment.  

I could still write on my blog. I could still prepare things here. I could still complete and work on my resolutions and instead I kept “checking”.  It wouldn’t have been as intense if I hadn’t taken the day  off. I think that intensified it.

  • Did you feel anxiety when you couldn’t do things online?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you ever over react to small changes?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry, you could not say goodbye to your father. Having made the decision to work from home online I am constantly struggling to make a fairly decent passive income. Since I love writing so much that most of my writing has become like wordplay to me I could not imagine a day without being online. Having said that I also know that always being online makes me a rather dull person so I am also going to incorporate some art projects in my life which I have been longing to do so that my life is more well-rounded.

  2. I’m sorry you couldn’t say goodbye to your father. ?
    An unexpected change of plans is enough to make a day bad.
    I felt the same when Virily went down, I still got busy and distracted somewhere else but I stayed up until late checking if the site was back. ?

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