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office clutter reduction project (for the 3rd time)!

I am going to reduce the clutter in my home office over my vacation. Being the holiday season, I’ve decided to get my office in better shape. I am not good about cleaning, ergo the office getting in the state it is in, but I am going to spend a ½ hour every day for the next few days to get my office back in shape. I’ve already moved a bunch of older tech into the goodwill pile. Sometimes it is best just to give things so that someone else can use them. I tried to do this, office cleaning three years ago. I failed only because I ran out of time. I also failed because I tried to do this project in two days. I get distracted, and there are many things I would like to do other than clean my office.

One of the things I am going to do is actually to organize the cables in my office. I have a tub, waterproof, that has my poetry notebooks from years in it. I am going to do the same thing for my various cables. I am going to remove all the speakers in my storage area as well. I have speakers sitting in my closet that haven’t been used in more than three years. Time to get rid of old speakers. It is funny what ends up collecting around a house over time. The Comic Geroge Carlin had a routine where he talked about the point where your stuff fills your house, and you have to buy a different house! It was a funny routine, but one that remains a thing I need to be aware of and honestly reduce!

The other thing I am going to do is get rid of the cables. I have too many cables. At some point, the number of cables should equal the number of devices that use those cables. Maybe, just a couple of extras. Right now, I suspect I have way too many USB cables. Ethernet cables are in short supply but that was because I moved a bunch of my home network to a new ethernet segment and need 20 ethernet cables quickly. The new Wifi6 solutions will be shipping soon. Between Wifi6 and 5g, the amount of bandwidth in and around your house is going to change. Having a cable network system (ethernet cables) and a wifi network may not be in the future. Tomorrow most likely, you only have wifi and 5g in and out of the house. Even then, you will probably only need the same number plus a couple of spares of USB cables compared to devices.

Time to clean my office!

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  1. In a couple weeks, 10 days, I will be doing another series on organizing.

    But what I will tell you right now to help you is, that goodwill box, take what you got in it now and get rid of it. So no doubt will creep in.

    I am pinning all I comment on tonight.

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