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Of Tech, stress and 30 years

After more than 30 years in the IT world, I have learned quite a few interesting lessons.

I started in the days of Mobius Networks (the original pre WiFi device connection system). I was there when our company began deploying a Wide Area Network. I set up with another engineer a company-wide email system that used Dail-Up connections (Modems) to send and review email bound for other locations of the company. I remember sitting in the computer room one day, talking to a really smart engineer who asked why we used the structure we had built for mail delivery. I explained the original goal of pulling each of the post offices ever 8 minutes. We spent a lot of time moving a lot of emails back in the day. Nowhere near as much as is moved today but a lot of emails.

One of the things that I find interesting is the reality of SPAM email now. There is more SPAM email any one day in the world than my company sent and received in total, during the three years I was the mail administrator. Some companies receive more than 40 million SPAM messages a day. The growing number of SPAM phone calls has forced some companies to build and deliver software to end users, meant to block spam calls. It, the reality of unwanted, unneeded, and calls that are rejected continues to expand. I love paying attention to all the types of calls that are meant to take money from people. I work to keep those type of callers on the line as long as possible.

Every minute of a scammers time I waste is the time they won’t have to attack someone else!

That said in my 30 plus years, one of the things I have noticed is the increasing complexity and the much faster frustration with IT systems today compared to yesterday as well. There was a time when computers were first in the workplace that we were all working together. That rowing the same boat, same direction attitude has slipped away. I find the impact of that change all around me often. But I do see the light at the end of that tunnel. Like all things, the way we approach problems changes often. People are beginning to have more patience for IT issues. It is important to follow the pay it forward rule. Do a good deed with no intention of it helping you and just helping someone else on their path!

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  1. I only have around 10 years working experience, then I became a stay-at-home mom. I am grateful that I didn’t really meet many frustrating people but more nice and helpful people in my career life. I didn’t deal directly with the customers or clients, but only my own team members and sometimes the other teams.

    I always can’t understand why some companies keep sending out spam emails, though I know it’s for marketing purpose.


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