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Oceans Keeping the Internet Online

You would find it amazing if you could look under the ocean. What you would find there would be many miles of cables that criss-cross all the oceans in the world. It is like a huge, underwater web.

Communication companies are able to keep up with international connections by constantly submerging cables down into oceans which wind up on flat surfaces on the ocean floor. If you are wondering if any creatures of the deep might disturb these cables then some of them need to have shark-proof layers to keep the shark’s teeth from biting into the cables.

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    Did you know that the cables under the ocean keep you online?

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  1. There are a number of cables, some terminate in New Jersey, some terminate in Charleston SC. On the other side they terminate in London (well Liverpool technically) and Lisbon as well as a city in France I do not recall.

    The average Latency between the US and Europe is 100 ms.
    The average Latency between the US and Asia Pac is 100 ms.

    The cost to maintain these cables is owned completely by private companies.

    However, let’s be fully honest, a huge percentage of the traffic is actually bounced from Satellites in near-earth orbit.

    • I like that satellite idea a whole lot better, Doc. I could just picture some creatures of the deep getting into a big fight and destroying many cables. At least up above, I think signals are pretty safe in getting where they have to get.

      • The problem with the space-based system is the same reality. Do you know how much junk is in near earth orbit now?

        1. those cables are shielded (although one was just severed in Hawaii because of unexpected volcanic activity) a shark, whale or other large ocean creature does not swim tot he depth the cables are at. 10,000 or more feet in many places.
        2. it has to be a mix of both to be effective.

  2. Oil, minerals, food,machinery…..all items which were traded till now we’re based on nature and its resources. Data is the first commodity made by humans and traded across the globe thru these cables
    Come to think of it ,the article and comments u r reading have passed thru the same cables. Amazing indeed.

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