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Obesity in children

Obesity is becoming a worldwide concern particularly for the children. Some grade schools have banned the soda and junk food in their canteen as a way to lessening the calorie intake of the students. They think that it is the soda and the junk food that are the culprits. But what if they are wrong about it? One study said that the primary contributor for obesity of over eating, not only in the amount of food but in the frequency of eating as well. In our culture, we have the mid morning snack and the mid afternoon snack that makes for a total of 5 meals in a day.

What is wrong with obesity is that it directly affects the health not only in terms of longevity but in the susceptibility of the person to diseases like diabetes and liver problems. Some dietitians say that eating is a habit so there must be something that should break that bad habit of eating frequently and eating too much. I guess that is the right answer to that.

  • Is there an obese child in your family?

    • Yes
    • No
    • there is one in the neighbor
    • only an obese adult


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Written by Alex Socorro

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