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The acorn is the fruit of the oak. Oak is the common name for a group of deciduous trees.

The nutritional and medicinal properties of oak acorns have been known since ancient times. The old people called it oak: the bread tree. Oak acorns make excellent food, not only for livestock, but also for humans. Baking bread and making delicious pastries.
He was registered with the Intellectual Property Office in 1999. patent for the invention entitled: “Technological process for processing oak acorns in the form of ground coffee”, which was recognized after 2005 after the substantive examination of the patent application was carried out.
Chemical analysis revealed that the roasted oak acorn, powdered, in the form of coffee, contains a lot of minerals needed by the human body. It is used as a functional food, whose longer use improves the general health of the human body. It is a treasure trove, primarily, of minerals that are not only necessary but also essential to the human body.In addition to minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nitrogen are present. Almost everything you need for healthy food.

The benefits of using, primarily due to the content of macro and micro elements, as a result of user feedback, are:by improving blood count, anemia, which results from the loss or insufficient intake of iron in the body,by eliminating rickets in children and adolescents,reduction of gout and joint pain, especially in women after the age of 40,in regulating thyroid function,in women with menstrual problems,during pregnancy and breastfeeding,problems with the digestive system,in external and internal stabilizing blood pressure, Usage


Mix one teaspoon of coffee with the volume of coffee cups boiling water and drink sweetened as needed. Stir occasionally and drink everything. If desired, a few drops of milk may be added.


Stir in a cup of milk with a teaspoon of coffee. Sweeten with honey. Stir everything occasionally.


Pour the same amount of coffee and honey into the cup. Mix well and spread on bread.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak