Now Dust Storms are ravaging Australia

While the wild fires still continue, Australia is now facing heavy dust storms so thick that New South Wales was in total darkness as the sun was getting covered. 

Australia also faced heavy thunder and lightning not without leaving heavy casualities.  And the draught continues. 

It is beyond anyone to understand the cause of this devastation and wonder if global warming could be it. We have our extended family living in that area but they are tight lipped about this. 

This link has a video if you want to watch it:

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  1. Of course this is a consequence of climate change, just as the summer wildfires in California and other places have a similar cause. If you pile all that extra heat into the oceans, weather patterns are bound to change, leading to more extreme weather events include severe droughts, heatwaves and violent storms.

    Yes – there have been extreme weather events in the past, but they have been isolated. They are now occurring at far more frequent intervals, for which there has to be an underlying cause.


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