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No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!

Something weird is happening with my Virils page…! Some Virils are missing – not received…! 

I was opening all “plain” posts (till the daily limit) and then I opened all today’s Quizzes and Polls and started commenting posts… When I went to check how many Virils I got today for commenting other people’s posts due to the problem I am writing about these days in The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…! and A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!! I noticed a very small number of Virils for the comments I made in other people’s posts (today, as well as yesterday too, I got only 27…!) AND that I didn’t get ANY VIRILS for the Quizzes and Polls I opened today…!

One other member wrote he got 42 Virils for the comments he made on other people’s posts and that he didn’t notice any problem with it while many of us are having the same problem and getting only up to 30 Virils for commenting other people’s posts, and now THIS…!

Also, there is a problem with the Virils page, there is no way to click on the next page at the bottom of the page (it happened before too but now I can’t switch to another page AT ALL) so maybe Virils are only not shown but still there due to a possible glitch here…

All this really implies that it seems there are some serious Glitches here with receiving of Virils if you ask me…!

I hope admins will fix and inform us about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Sorry I can’t comment all the ones I want to, I’m not receiving Virils…!!! 🙁

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    Is this happening to you too???

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    Are you getting Virils for opening of Polls and Quizzes…??!


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  1. My guess is that the limit of virils is now general, like it’s a number that includes all activities (views and comments) and might not even be updated daily but weekly.
    Or really, it’s just a glitch and I hope so as long as it gets fixed.
    I still have to read your most recent posts anyway. 👀

    • No… There is always 100 for posts, I checked… I had such a guess about the limit for commenting but seems there is no logic at it because of the things I checked and described in thesecond post about the Commenting Limit..
      I don’t know what it is, but Doc claims he got 42 the other day (I read in his post) while all the other users get 25-30 so it’s not clear to me at all…
      Hehehe, glad you are reading them and find them informative…!!!!!!!!! ;*) I still have to visit yours but I was busy with all of this and now I’m losing my interest in Virily, which is actually not that bad, because of this and so many other things I will later write about… 😐

    • It’s written in my newest post… Seems the daily limits (all of them) are reduced and the Viril value is also very low so now it will be even harder to earn, and having in mind how we are treated here by the admins I almost completely lost my interest in it and will maybe leave…

    • No, I didn’t know that until this happened so I checked again the next day (written in my other post) and noticed… Preparing to post about it……… :|||||||||||||||||
      Thanks for letting me know… How did you learn about it…? :/
      PS With all limits reduced, and the virils value low and a user asking this: “My thinking is right now, if you have 30 comments on a post from other authors, then you shouldn’t need to have more than 30 comments of your own in that post.” not sure we’ll be able to earn Anything here anymore………………… ! 😐

    • Sorry, I didn’t read the comment correctly… You meant the Viril Value and I understood the Daily Limit instead… Yes, I know, I noticed the previous time on the Dashboard but whenever they make such changes they never revert them later no matter of the Viril value…

          • I was checking the daily limit and it is, that is what I meant above… Now it is making me very confused because I had a system before. Now I’m not able neither to answer all the notifs and get Virils for them all – not to speak about visiting New posts…! And also it’s a problem with opening posts now…
            I don’t know what is in those posts, I don’t quite read them but when I do half of his English I don’t understand and the other half I don’t agree… 😀 I’m also not sure there is something about this theme, I was reading the latest posts…

          • I checked it too, and confirming it like I said in my newest post but can’t claim what is actually happening with the Commenting limit and I already saw that he doesn’t know too… I mentioned what he claimed about it in my posts and the part of the info too…

          • …and he thinks “it’s the answer for what you all complained about and asked for back in July”… I would advise him not to ask anything anymore from the admins because he is only asking and bringing restrictions that way, all his ideas are restrictive and now that the Viril value is lower that’s not nice nor encouraging at all… Although I doubt, at least HOPE admins would not do anything to harm us….. 🙁

        • Thanks, glad you read it… 🙂 Well…………., the Viril value is lower now, visits and the activity are fewer now, and probably the site isn’t earning enough………. (those are just my guesses………….) I am also wondering how much the new design costed, as well as all these things they are working on, and who paid for them (them or us…………..?!?)……… I wouldn’t mind it if it was done properly but since NOTHING is done here properly then I’m not sure what to think…..! They did the new design and didn’t fix the old bugs, so they care much about that and paying it from our money and time spent here while we all are frustrated… Maybe I am wrong though………

  2. Want to add…: Since a user here claimed she received Virils for viewing Polls today, could be it is something with Daily Limits going on then, maybe they are reducing or changing them all… :/ I am not claiming anything just guessing…

        • Everyone is getting their virils. Pessimism is unnecessary. We all knew that blogging on this site that there would be numerous problems and bugs because this site is from Estonia. If this site ever goes down, then we all move to the next blogging site. Until then, I blog here.

          • How can you claim other users are getting them, do you KNOW…? I am not pessimistic AT ALL…, I just ask what I see, and I wasn’t getting Virils for opening people’s Polls and Quizzes today, which WASN’ the situation YESTERDAY nor any other day before yesterday so It’s obvious something is going on… I wouldn’t be that pre judgemental since the site is actually from Macedonia and I don’t judge by that… The problem is, there is no other blogging site like this one (at least not that suiting is some ways) but no one said I have worries about that too…! I just want to know what is going on as it doesn’t depend on where people are from to be able to inform users about such things I “think”…

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