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No View Virils for My Newest Post!!!

I have just published a poll, The Coffee Talk… – Just to Say!…, I got 30 Virils for publishing it and two people opened it but I have not received ANY Virils for those Views…!

I know at least one person opened it because that person Voted in the Poll and two people Upvoted! 

I don’t know what’s happening because I was just opening posts and receiving Virils for all of them!

I was also receiving View Virils for my other posts today…!

Did you notice this…?! Can you please pay attention now and let me know….. 


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  • Are you receiving Virils for View of your posts now…?!

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    • No


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    • Thanks, I think it’s not a glitch but another limit we are not informed about so today I’m again not receiving them since this morning because I already received around 100 paid views but I’m preparing to write about this too…!!! >:|

    • Of course there are Virils for views, how else we would earn and why to post if there are no Virils for views… You get paid for every unique view of your posts but seems there is a limit now in that too, something we are not informed about too, which is outrageous!!!

      • OK, just super, thank you so much for sharing very useful info!!!

        I knew about Virils for upvotes & comments, and now I’m in charge of Virils for views, great!!!

        Found this page on my Virily account & saw that today I got Virils for views of my posts + for my viewing the posts of another writers. So, there isn’t any problem with my Virils now.

        • You are welcome, I am very much surprised you didn’t know that………

          No, there are no Virils for upvotes, there are Virils for views and comments. There were Virils for upvotes and reactions before but that was disabled long time ago!

          Of course, you get Virils for that… Yes, I wrote that i was receiving Virils that day but that I wasn’t receiving them anymore after I published a new post and that i started receiving them again after Midnight so it’s possible there is a limit in that now too…

    • I was receiving them too but at one point I noticed I wasn’t receiving any so it was weird to me. It happened the next day too, so I counted them and it seems there could be a limit for that now too – except if it’s not only on my profile so I will see and check that when I post about that…

    • I didn’t count them, I was watching if I was Receiving them… I am here for earnings too, it would be unusual to say I am here only for friends and new info because there are plenty of that in the real world and online, actually much more important info are on many other places, and if I was here for free wouldn’t it be logical to do that somewhere else where it isn’t paid… What means “thatvis”?

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