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No seats in malls

Why is there no seat in the mall unlike the park where people can rest? That is the question that I heard from one boy who was asking his mother. Maybe the boy was tired in walking because it was a big mall and truly you can only sit when you go to an eatery. The mall is not friendly to your butt.

Come to think of it, what answer can you give to that question? I asked a friend who is working in the administration of a mall. The answer I got is simple. The mall is not a park and it is a shopping place that you go there to shop and not to rest. That’s a fine explanation that I readily accepted. So now I understand why there are no benches or chairs in the mall for the shoppers.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. You appear to have used a photo that goes against your message!

    Different designers of shopping centres have different ideas. Some take on board the needs of elderly and infirm people and provide seating for those who might need it.

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