No more tips and tricks

We are aware we have certain constraints here while uploading latest posts, creating polls and quizzes and so on. The Site has reasons and no questions asked. 

Some of us came with suggestions on how to overcome those constraints.  On second thought I have decided to go with the flow by doing the following. 

1. In the dropdown Menu there are categories.  Click on those of your choice.  There again downloading pages that follow  will have restrictions but on  the first page itself there are enough posts. 

2.Search the Net for posts and you will get countless of them – pick what you want to respond to

3. Even users’ profiles have the same issue but there again the first page opens smoothly. 

This way you have enough fodder to chew on. 

Any more suggestions without adding tips and tricks?

  • Do you also feel we should move with the flow?

    • Yes


What do you think?


Written by grace

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  1. As I have mentioned in my post there should be no constraints but there are. I was wondering why these constraints are placed. I too have my own tricks and tips if I want to use them and yes you have shown the users how to go about solving these issues.


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