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No more dog stroll for now

With the imposition of the lockdown that citizens are discouraged to go out of their homes, we are entering a period of adjustment in our lifestyle. Due to the corona virus, the government decided to put our country on a lockdown to avert the rising number of contamination. The tentative period of lockdown is 1 month, that is until April 14 but it can be shortened or lengthened depending on the statistics in the days to come.

It is expected that the people will be having a hard time to adjust much more that public transportation is banned. There will be cops and soldiers that will be manning main avenues to check on the people in the streets. All vehicles and people that are traveling will undergo questioning just to deter them from traveling. We just hope that  our sacrifices will bear fruit.

  • Do you bring your dog to the park?

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Written by Alex Socorro


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