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Hi, guys! Hope all is well with you all. I know I’ve been posting a lot about my diet (GM diet) recently. And sad to say, that I failed. It’s hard to only eat fruits and vegetables for a day especially when you’re used to having carbs every single day of your life. I have experienced terrible headaches and nausea, that’s why I have decided to stop. I’ll just try the keto diet that my friend’s been raving about for a few months now. She has lost a lot of weight and I can really tell that it’s effective. I hope I can commit to my new diet now as I’d really like to shed off some pounds.

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  1. I’ve been on this diet since January 15, 2020. In one month I lost 3 kg and over 10 cm in weight. Two days I eat meat, two fish and three days without meat and fish. I just alternate them. I make bread at home. I’m fine. To me, this is not a diet but a proper diet. I’m sorry I didn’t start it earlier.

  2. Any diet at first will give you headaches and leave you feeling tired. When on Keto be sure to drink a lot of water, it could cause severe dehydration as you lose a lot of water when on that diet. It is effective provided you get over with the initial problems and longing for carbs.


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