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Neon Colours challenge – Roseala Parrot

These birds are considered a nuisance by Ministry of agriculture & fisheries, but they are bully birds. Beautiful as they are. I think from Australia blown across by the equinox winds or else pets let free.

They talk and seem to fly in packs. Dodgy birds to photograph at the best of times. Argument I’ve amongst themselves.

I think you need to go quietly and not take anything for granted with any animal met for the first time.

  • Got any bright parrots where you live?

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What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Rosealas are natives of Australia. Some Australian birds are blown across the Tasman Sea by the Equinox winds.
      A boat takes 3-4 days from New Zealand to Australia, but I am not sure how fast a bird arrives..

      They are bully birds..People like me still like them any way, cant help it.


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