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Nature Tuesday – lonely tree in the sunset

When the sun goes down, the land seems gets ready for sleeping.

But it never sleeps: somewhere it’s still dawn, somewhere the lunch begins, kids rush to school, people stuck in traffic jams or sitting at dinner tables. And somewhere there is an hour before morning when you woke up and could not sleep and await a clock alarm…

When the sun goes down, it just goes down only for us.

The day ends only in our yard. 

But sunset is beautiful at any corner of our Earth. 

© Fortune, 2009

  • Do you recognize and know the names of many trees?

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Written by Fortune


  1. my father was a biologist and knew most plants by their scientific name. If he didn’t he would look it up! Me, on a good day, I might get 1 tree right by name.

  2. I wish I know the names of many trees, especially when my children asked me about them, but I don’t. It’s interesting to know there are different time zones where I couldn’t imagine when I was young.

  3. That is the exciting part of sites such as this We are dealing with time zones and I sometimes wonder how some users are still awake which for them is really the ghastly hour of say 3 in the morning while it is 3 in the afternoon here 🙂

    That photo of yours is not a photo but poetry 🙂