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Nature Tuesday – How walks in the woods improve our health

 I’ve always loved walking and going out in the woods. Trees purify the air and give it freshness. And it makes you feel alert and energized. The aromas of boron, fir, cedar and cypress have proven to reduce cortisol levels.

According to another curious study, people who live closer to nature, to parks or close to home have more trees, suffering less from depression. That is why many of them often choose to take short walks around the greenery.

Natural elements such as plants, trees, water and sunlight have the ability to absorb negative energy from humans. That is why we feel more at ease when walking past them.

If you do not live near a forest, it is a good idea to walk in the park every day, albeit for a short while. This will increase your positivism and remove the negative energy from you.

And last but not least, walking in the woods helps lower blood sugar levels, reduce stress hormones, reduce heart rate, overall relaxation of the human body, reduce fatigue and anxiety.

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  1. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to walk around only very close to the house so I am far away from the forest or park and it sucks. But that place you posted looks great, walking in nature is therapeutic.

    • I go 24 hours to work and I’m home 24 hours. But here in Spain there are very strict measures. The police are constantly stopping me. Without the necessary document, you work fines start at 1000 euros. Thanks for the support.

  2. Beautiful trail in natural settings. I love to walk in natural surroundings whether it be a park or a small forest. Bringing a dog along is also a great adventure as the canine can smell even better than you and find some unusual critters along the way such as a deer or other such animals.

    • Unfortunately, we have no forest here. But I’m lucky to live in one of the parks in Torrevieja Spain. In the morning, the fresh air of pine trees enters my bedroom and living room. This envelops the whole apartment with the aroma of something as beautiful as aroma.

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