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Nature Tuesday – Frozen park

We have been under freezing rain two weeks ago. Fortunately the temperature started to rise and things have returned to normal. However, the effects of this phenomenon and …. some pictures taken in the Circus Park Bucharest,  remain.It seems to me worrying this sudden change from very low temperatures to abnormally high temperatures for this period.What will be the consequences of these changes, I can not say! What I can say is that we should take more care of the environment. The guilt belongs to us entirely for these changes of the weather.

This is my contribution for “Nature Tuesday” Challenge.


  • Where does the Earth go?

    • for the better
    • to the worse


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I believe in some cases people are beginning to think and consider what they do to help the earth. Recycling, composting their food scraps and think about packaging, reducing plastic bag use.

    The earth has a way of compensating itself.

    The seas in the south pacific are rising and recently there has been serious fires due to the heat. the fires are becoming harder to control and some lose their lives or homes in the affected areas.

    Yes, its time we thought about climate

    I seriously believe that having gardens is a good way of caring for the earth. Trees also help clean the air.

  2. What a lovely picture, Ileana!
    Hmmm… it’s quite difficult for me to answer your question. I think nature will be fine. It’s just that nature lives in its own way and cycle, with or without human intervention. Even if nature is damaged by human activity, it will improve itself, although it can mean getting rid of humans temporarily. lol

  3. Stunning winter wonderland scene despite the fact that it looks just like pure ice or an ice rink. Yes I agree entirely with you, the ups and down of the weather lately are getting harder to interpret and tolerate. They seem to be forebearers of a planet that is degrading rapidly. I just hope that the world population will eventually get together to try to curb their greed (re: factory emission etc.), their use of cars etc. The environment is necessary for us and animals alike to survive.

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