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Nature Tuesday Challenge

The nectar must be delicious,  it is lovely to see the waterlilies mobbed by bees.  There are so many bees in my garden at this moment.  The waterlilies seem to be enjoying their visits and blooming in huge numbers.

Beauty always attracts the beasts, I guess. Is it the delicate, fragile nature of the flower or is it the sweet sweet nectar in the heart of these blossoms that attract the beasts?

Either way I am happy to see my garden teaming with bees. It is a good sign that all is well with nature and she is happy.  Oh there are a huge number of dragon flies and the cabbage butterflies too right now.

  • Do you like to see bees in your garden?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Each life serves a purpose – right?

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    • No

What do you think?

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      • I am a lazy gardener. I have stopped even feeding the guppies. Some strange eco system manages to supply enough food for guppies. I am hoping that the waste from guppies would add nutrients for the plants. The only maintenance I do is to keep adding a mug of water every alternate day to compensate the evaporation loss and removing the fallen tree leaves from the water surface.

        The plants and the guppies look healthy as of now.

    • Thank you Grace, Dauben isn’t a very popular flower among waterliliy growers as it is very common, but I love the fact that at any given day it gives me 5-7 blooms. I love the hint of color there on the petals.

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