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Nasturtium~ Gardening at its Best…

Hello Everyone…

After a long time I’m thinking about gardening, (no surprise) I’ve been contemplating which varieties of  ‘Nasturtium‘ to plant this season.

Nasturtium, classified under the botanical name Tropaeolum, refers to about 80 different species of flowering plants in the Tropaeolaceae family. I had no idea. I plant them as a companion plant to help reduce pests on cucumbers and other veggies but also to eat. Yep, you can eat them! The flowers and the leaves. They are peppery in flavor.

If you have some suggestions for what types of Nasturtium I can try, let me know.

Happy Gardening!

Image ©AnkushBhalla, 2020

  • Did you know there are 80 different varieties of Nasturtium?

    • Yes


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Written by Ankush Bhalla


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