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Narnia View Intact ~ Day 348

With the developments in the neighborhood my sunset view seems untouched at the moment. However with this view of the sunset, I see a house I did not see last week. Yikes, they are getting in my way. Oh well, hoping no more will be built. I need to keep my sunset deck view in Narnia. I hope each day it will not be compromised. I realize the show must go on with building and expanding, but not here!

365 Photos Challenge Day 348


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    Do you have a sunset view in your world?

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    • No
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    If yes, has that view been compromised?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. The impact of “human” atmospheric byproducts makes for a sunset and sunrise that is greatly compromised. The change, sometimes called global warming (incorrectly) causes the atmosphere to reflect light differently.
    Sadly the change is very visible.

    Nice picture though, sad to think someday all of us will have obscured sunsets.

  2. My sunsets are not in much danger of buildings going up as I am high on a hill looking down at a golf course, but trees have grown up and are beginning to obscure my view of a nearby mountain. I can still see half the mountain, though, and truth be told, the trees are also very nice. In winter months the mountain is covered in fog anyway.

  3. In the morning as i leave for work, and I am half way there, the most beautiful sunsets i usually can see. Then, the sad part is I can’t take a picture while driving, so I miss the really awesome shots. Great capture Carol!