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My Rose For The Day – Nature Tuesday

This picture was taken when it was raining almost everyday. The flowers were dripping with water  and were also getting beaten up by the rain. This lovely rose used to bear 7-8 huge roses on one bunch. However, after the rains , it hasn’t been doing so well. There have been no more buds or new shoots.

I may have to repot this plant, maybe the soil is depleted of all its nutrition. It happens sometimes with some plants. They start to grow straggly stems and put out weak looking leaves.

I love the tight buds of this rose , they don’t open out too much and remain pretty. I hope you like this bright rose and I want to wish you a great Tuesday

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Written by Dawn


  1. The rose is the most beautiful flower for me but it doesn’t matter what color it is …. such colors as this one I can hardly see …. great color