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My Picks For Cool Tweets About the Crane

Last year (2019), I published a series of posts listing My Top Tweets from A to Z.  It was fun!  So this year 2020, I decided to continue my tradition with another Tweets series; choosing random topics of interest to me.

The topic for this post is the CRANE.  Almost every country or culture has something that symbolizes good fortune, happiness and longevity. In Japan, that symbol is the crane.  I picked this topic, combined it with my admiration for Asian art, and found these wonderful tweets.  Enjoy!

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  1. i had to “crane” my neck to see all of these.

    The Crane in Japanese art is something I learned about in Tokoyo. A couple of the other tweets were very cool and new to me in particular 1000 paper cranes equals a wish!


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