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My Match Stick Bromelaid Is Blooming

After a year it is great to see my matchstick bromelaid in bloom. Aechmea gamosepala, is its botanical name. These plants are native to Argentina and Brazil. These tropical plants are fast growing and are great show stoppers.

They can be grown in containers and like epiphites mounted on tree barks . However I didn’t have great success with mounted plants. They didn’t bloom even after three years whilst the ones planted in container started to bloom right after the first year.

The bluish purple tips on the bright pink bracts  give them their name matchstick bromelaid. These flowers remain on the plant for many days, but the purple tip turns pink over time. The leaves are like rosettes, dark green and shiny. The plant looks beautiful even when there are no blooms.

I brought a couple of plants from my friends place as she was clearing out a patch to make way for other bromelaids. I have a few hundred plants now from the couple I brought, over the last five years. I give them away to friends every time I re-pot these plants. The pups grow from stolons or runners.

These are some of my favorite colors, pink, blue and purple. They do put on a spectacular show when they are in bloom and they bloom in abundance.

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