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My Findings and Thoughts on the New Virily Layout – a Thorough Report on Some of The Changes PT. 1

I was in the writing process of this article which, at first, was meant to be published as one whole article presenting you all the new features, old things that changed and some glitches I noticed but in the meantime, I realized there would be way too much info in one article so I decided to split it into 2 (or maybe even 3) parts so this is the first part… 😉

Ok, so I was online two nights ago when the changes started happening so immediately as they started appearing I started “investigating” them… ;D At first, everything was very confusing for me but what I first noticed was the new design which I liked very much and found it quite (more than the previous one) professional which I think is great…!!! 🙂 

Since everything looked confusing I started exploring things one by one and somehow managed… When I got used to it I understood there were just a couple of new things while the other stuff mostly stayed the same or just being rearranged… 

So now I will first start with the new things I found…:

first, there is one new thing where the Settings are and those are the Widget Settings… I think it wasn’t there before and I think it makes the site and our profiles look more professional enabling us to put more info about ourselves, almost as a professional presentation…

the second thing is that the first time there is the (Profile) Views counter which I think counts Unique Visits to Our Profiles which I thought was great but I also thought it could be better if it showed all the previous visits too…

the third thing is that when you go to your Comments page which can be found in the More sectioof the Profile Menu you can see all the comments you posted with your username presented with the “mention” link (@) in front of it… I thought it was great and that now we will be able to “mention” people and get notifications for that but when I tried it in a comment it wasn’t made as a link so seems it’s (at least still) not working… :/

the fourth new thing I noticed yesterday (so could be there will be some more new implementations) are the Account and Settings options on each of the Posts pages which also looks nice…  It would maybe be better if the Latest Comments and similar would be added there (too)…

– and the fifth new thing is the online/offline status on our Profiles which I find as a very cute and cool feature…

Later, in the PT. 2, I will post about the other stuff, the things that are Rearranged and some Glitches so stay tuned…!!! 😉

Thanks for visiting!

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    Do you like the new look?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Votes…:

    Users voted 19 times.
    Q: Do you like the new look?

    Yes (12 votes) – 63%
    No (1 votes) – 5%
    Partially (6 votes) – 32%

    Q: Do you like the new features?

    Yes (12 votes) – 63%
    No (2 votes) – 11%
    Partially (5 votes) – 26%

    • I didn’t have much problems understanding “the new features” since they are mostly only cosmetic changes but I like editing and deleting posts options are implemented, they were very needed but what I don’t like is that the crucial problems never get fixed while there is more and more of them with every change of the site…! Like now the missing posts problem and the VERY IMPORTANT ONE – not receiving Virils for commenting (bug?)…!!!

    • Hahaha, it is a change but not that big… I like some changes and the general look (not everything – I wrote about that in the PT. 2 I think… :/) but I don’t like the changes are referred only to the cosmetics of the site while the glitches and bugs stay the same while now receiving some NEW, VERY BAD AND SERIOUS ONES which probably won’t be fixed too…! So if you ask me, this is all VERY unprofessional………!!!!!!! 😐

      • Yup, it looks like they’re more focused on external views (therefore guests who just visit the site) than the authors that bring content to the platform. We are the desperate cooks working in the kitchen while the guests are eating peacefully in the dining room. ?
        Perhaps they really fixed the old glitches but the new layout brought them back, who knows. Programming works in mysterious ways. ?

        • You mean the ones we don’t get Virils for…? Interesting!……… >>>>>>>>>>:| Yes, seems that’s exactly how it looks… >:|
          Hahahahahhaha, yes…, seems programming is not their best side, for years……… Yeah, I bet they fixed them but they returned exactly the same as they were or even worse, not to mention the new ones…! 😐

  2. Votes so far…:

    Users voted 13 times.
    Q: Do you like the new look?

    Yes (8 votes) – 62%
    No (1 votes) – 8%
    Partially (4 votes) – 31%

    Q: Do you like the new features?

    Yes (9 votes) – 69%
    No (1 votes) – 8%
    Partially (3 votes) – 23%

    • Hi Rachael, glad to see you…! 🙂 It’s easy, I think some members also posted about it but you can find them this way…: go to your Profile menu and click on More, there you will see many other Menu sections as well as Posts (again), click on it and there will be another Posts page opened different than the one in the main menu where you will see your approved, pending and drafts posts which are all now able to edit and delete…! 🙂

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