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My favorite engine -Suzuki GSX- R 1000

I dedicate this post to my great friend Doc. This is one of my very rare pictures that from a young age that survived the flood. From the age of 15 until I was 42, I was a big fan of heavy motorcycles. If I remember correctly I had about 10 maybe some more. It was my habit to change my motorcycle every 2 years and these were all new. In 1980 I bought this great Suzuki which I had for 6 years. I took another new one to Trieste where the masters painted it for me and painted it in Lucky Strike colors. Painting and stickers cost me an extra $ 2,000. It was the most beautiful and best motorcycle for me. It had a staggering 120 hp and 15,000 rpm for those times. This was a real road beast with which it was not a problem to drive over 250km / h. 

This engine was really my big love – I had a hard time separating from it only then I wanted to be up to date with motorcycles ….. here too the technique progressed very quickly so I then bought a few other brands


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        • There was really enough of everything (adrenaline, foolish doing, high speed) …. sometimes I think and wonder which guardian angel was guarding me …. there was adrenaline and a lot of unnecessary nonsense …. now that I’m I realized that the proverb is still true – youth is madness …. you think you are the only and untouchable ….. but nothing can happen to me …. sometimes I really wonder and I do not know who to thank to I’m still alive

    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, dear friend…..we experimented a lot on exhaust systems …. up to 30 hp could be obtained here … my good friend was a great connoisseur and today is one of the largest and most recognizable manufacturers of exhaust systems (Akrapovič) … they are also used by factory teams from moto GP … I think Yamaha and Dukati and probably some other team

    • Thanks for viewing and a friendly comment, dear friend…..I had a lot of pictures but carelessness ruined them all … I hope to find some more …. it was a really nice palette of emergencies

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