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My experience with live turkeys

When I was in second grade, we moved to the suburbs in a house that is surrounded by water. But there was a nearby grassy field where I could play. Lo and behold, the grassy field served as grazing for the turkeys. I was really euphoric when I chanced upon a nest of turkey with some eggs. But another find really excited me – a nest with 6 baby turkeys. For a 7-year old boy, it was like finding a gold mine.

After grabbing one baby turkey that I planned to bring home, there came the mother turkey. I ran as fast but the turkey was faster in chasing me. I heard the sounds of the feathers and then I felt the wings banging on my back. I couldn’t remember what happened next except that I lay down the baby turkey on the ground and continued with my running. That was a neat lesson not to get anything that is not yours without permission.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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