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My daily picture – Spring on my balcony

Spring is following its course. If we can not enjoy spring in the usual way, let’s enjoy it through photos. I invite you to post spring flowers, under the hashtag #SpringDream .

Spring has arrived on my balcony! I have many plants that have sprouted, basil, dill, parsley …. but also a lemon tree that is full of flowers these days. I have to pay special attention to it because last year I had many problems with pests. The most dangerous was mealybug. I haven’t completely removed it yet. Every now and then one appears. But, I stay home and I have a lot of time!   I check my lemon tree every day and remove all pests what appear. I want to keep my lemon with organic fruits and I don’t want to treat it with insecticide.

So far everything is going well! Sometimes an ant appears but that doesn’t bother me! It helps me get more pleasing pictures to the eye!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. I have many different flowers on the terrace. Here in the house where I work orange and mandarin trees are full of color. But there is no lemon tree. Take care of it and it will reap fruit for you.

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