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My Blogging Advice : Do Your Thing!

Are you a blogger or an aspiring blogger?  Have you done your homework and scoured the Internet to find out all there is to know about blogging?  How many times have you read the advice from the blogging experts who say something to the effect:  “Don’t publish a blog that’s not aimed at a specific topic.  Choose a niche.  If you don’t, people won’t know what your blog is about and won’t want to read it or become a subscriber.”

When I first started blogging I read this advice over and over and over. It used to torment me because I don’t really have a “specialty” or a “passion”.  No disrespect intended.  I have no doubt these experts mean well, are likely speaking from their own experience, and want you to use your time wisely and maximize your blogging efforts.  But the fact is that, I have found blogs that blatantly ignore this advice and seem to do just fine.  As an example, there is one blog in particular that I have been reading off and on for years.  The blog is titled Abagond. The tagline for that blog reads:  “500 words a day on whatever I want”.

That’s exactly what this blog publisher does.  Not only are the blog posts varied and interesting but they have loads of varied and interesting comments from a wide range of readers.  Talk about embracing diversity!

Inspired by this person’s success, I came up with a workaround for my own blogs and inserted the word “freestyle” in my blog description or tagline.  Hey!  If RAPPERS can freestyle, so can I!!

I’m free and it’s my style.

I consider myself an amateur blogger.  Based on my experience I say:

Don’t totally ignore the advice of the experts, but don’t completely disregard the fact that you are a unique individual with your own way of expressing yourself.  It’s your blog.  Do your thing!

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  • Question of

    Do you publish a blog?

    • Yes
    • No
    • On my To Do List
  • Question of

    Is your blog a niche blog?

    • Yes. My blog is about ____ (see comments).
    • No. I don’t have a blog.
    • My future blog will be about ____ (see comments).
  • Question of

    Do you always listen to expert advice and do what they say?

    • Yes. I always listen and follow. They’re experts!
    • No. I can think for myself.
    • Of course I listen to experts. but I still think for myself.


What do you think?

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  1. You have made excellent points and great advice here. I have written on my posts here which is a type of blogging and who cares the venue, if you write I suppose you are blogging. There are other topics i want to discuss but this is not the place. I am a member of a few grieving parents groups and write a lot there.

    • You’re already in a great community already to gain experience and get tips and advice. But don’t be afraid to go on a blogging adventure on your own. And don’t get discouraged. I actually had several of my blogs deleted. Oh yeah. I made several boo-boos along the way. It didn’t stop me. Live and learn. I just got more determined. I even joined some blogging communities and had my account deleted. But I didn’t mind because later on that entire community disappeared without paying many of its members and there a big BREW HA HA! I was kind of happy my account had been deleted. LOL. If you want to see some really good examples of a variety of blogs, visit BLOGLOVIN. Search by category. The blogs are amazing!!

  2. P.S. Just wanted to add this. I checked out “Abagond” and it is an interesting blog with very varied subject matter. I bookmarked it. Thank you very much for pointing it out to me and the Virily community.

    • It so happened one of the posts at that blog inspired me to write this post at Virily. I had visited earlier and left a comment on a post about romance novels. I can’t resist when someone wants to talk about romance. LOL.

  3. I myself do not have a blog or a real niche or something that consumes me. As an ex registered nurse I suppose I can write a blog on different aspects of health and disease but this type of blog is abounding on the internet, so…no. I suppose I could write a history blog of some kind but I am not an expert, so again…no. I also guess I could blog about any type of needlecraft but I would just rather do them and not write about them, so again…no. So I guess I will just stick here on Virily and continue with doing my own little contribution to the blogging world.

    • When I started blogging I did not know there were communities like Virily that I could join. These social blogging communities are, in my humble opinion, one of the best things that happened to the blogging world. YAY!!

  4. I was struggling to find a niche too when I first started… I want to monetise it… later I found a “niche” but then soon realised that it’s not my thing…
    I just like a certain aspect of the so call “niche”… in the end I just keep my blog as a “journal” rather than trying to monetise it. Now I write anything I want on it

    • One of my blogs is similar to a dairy or a journal. I did try my hand at a niche blog. Mainly a blog for foodies. No matter what kind of blog, I try to figure out ways to monetize. I figure … I’m working. I should get something for my efforts. Fortunately, I was approved for Google Ad Sense and Amazon back in the day when they weren’t being so picky about affiliates. I got approved even though I was a newbie with no experience. I hear from others these days that it’s not so easy to get approved.


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