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My amazon lily in bloom

I bought this Amazon Lily a couple of years ago, actually 23 months to be exact. It has just been sitting pretty with its deep green, shiny, broad, sword shaped leaves. There was no sign of it ever blooming . However while I was cleaning up my pergola before Christmas, I accidentally left it on the window sill and replaced it with another pot . I was too busy with other things to notice my mistake.

Last week I brought some plants home and while placing them in the pergola I noticed that my Amazon lily went missing.  My search led to to the window sill and I found it enjoying the warmth of the sun and blooming. My happy accident found  a better place in our home for this plant, but I know in a couple of weeks when the sun get hotter the leaves would burn and start looking terrible.  I need to look for a dappled spot for this plant. My mistake has helped me understand what this plant needs. Its important to understand the individual needs of each plant while gardening to bring out the best in them.

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