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My African violets

After battling with my dormant African violets for a year and some more I am thrilled to see them blooming so beautifully again.  Its been two months since they started to bloom and they are doing quite well.

I think I have finally understood their needs and they have acclimatized to their surroundings.  Now I know the exact location  for them in the garden. It is great because nothing much does so well in that spot in my balcony.

My purple AV  and lavender and white mix AV’s still haven’t bloomed yet but I am sure they will very soon . I am waiting to put some pictures of them here when they bloom . You cannot begin to understand my excitement.  I am in my seventh AV heaven. LOL

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Written by Dawn


  1. Appreciating the little things is a wonderful ability. Whenever a plant of mine blooms, it’s a special thing for me as well. Especially since I am not a great gardener.