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Multitasking: Computer + Phone

I used to have two computers to work with, a main working desktop and an old laptop. I always do my main work, especially with typing and reading from my main computer, and perhaps clicking or watching videos on my old computer. This way seems like helping me to do more work though I am learning not to multi-task.

My old laptop finally broke down, and I think it’s good for me to really learn how to focus. I always find my time being “wasted” when I am watching videos, as I can’t really work on others. I just recently started to use my phone to watch videos while I am using my computer to work. Though I prefer a larger screen to watch videos, using a keyboard to type is much easier for me. So now, I fall back to this multitasking method. One of the advantages is that when my computer is loading slowly and I am waiting, I can still work on my phone, so it’s kinda like saving a little bit of “waiting time” here.

I’ll see when I can learn to be more focus. I am still striving for that, though I am still far from there yet.

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