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Moving from the Office of tommorow to…

I have talked about the Circular Slide Rule that my father gave me.  It was the start of my technology journey. Now it is my bag. The things that make my bag are the things I carry with me every day I got downtown to Washington DC proper, or when I head to the office in Northern Virginia. But when we consider the bag carried, with the concept of the office of the future we begin to see a pattern emerging. Computers, tablets and cellular phones are to varying degrees of input devices. They are also output devices. When you consider, however, say this blog, I don’t write blogs on my tablet very often. I did, back in the Niume days publish my blog via my tablet for about two months.

One of the things that most workers that don’t work in an office will consider in the future is the list below:


2.Output to hand to other people (pDF, printer, etc.)

3.Large screen to see items that are screen dense

The connection is critical; how you connect becomes the office of the future question. In the future your phone will likely have two different stacks in operation. The first stack and processing will focus on the voice part of your phone. The second, the data will be separate. That allows you to tether your phone and use it as a data connection will still talking on the phone. The risk here is power consumption.

Output can be a critical component as well. IF you are a home office worker, you may rely on PDF and other files to share information electronically. You may still have a printer at home, but likely it is not going to be the same high-quality printer you have in the office. The other thing companies are beginning to do, a Kinkos budget for work at home professionals. Need to print in color? Print online and pick it up at Kinkos.

Finally, the large screen to see screen dense information question. I’ve talked in the past about the concept of the screen as a service. This concept also fits with JIT or Just-in-time information delivery. If you are walking about with no access to monitors or TVs, why not hold the dense screen file until later? Screen dense files require a monitor to best read and consume. My example is always a 10,000-row excel file (yes, I get those a lot)!

The office of the future will need to have systems that are aware of where you are. What devices you are carrying, and the amount of bandwidth you will need to get the information you need. Moving us from the Office of the Future to the Smart Office of the future!

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    Q: Have a great day, ok?
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