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Movers List Group 2 explained!

Group two is a critical group for this project. They are the comment team. They, members of this group, will reach posts and leave comments. They won’t share the posts via social media.  We will do this over four days and will limit the authors we include in both group one and group two. Comments are less about the comments sometimes. Comments do, at times, bring other authors, but not often. What comments tend to do is allow other authors to start commenting. Plus, each reply toa comment (original comment, author replies, users checks reply and replies again three comments and so on) brins Vrils to the author. Not the fastest way to earn Virils, but a way to earn Virils.

 It is important (critical) that these users do not share other authors posts via Social media. That allows me to capture better data overall. They will read and interact as normal with posts (other than sharing by social). The group will operate the same four days as Group One. Once group two logs in they will mark the link of the post (just like group one) and send me the link, and the time they read the post. They, like group one, can upvote (or downvote) and use emojis as normal. Group two will only comment, note the time and send that to me in a PM. (Private Message). I will then capture that information along with the other information and share the new Movers list!

Just to iterate this and be very clear. Group Two will log in, and will only comment on the pasts. They will not share them via social media. We will conduct this process for over four days. The group one and two members will complete the following:

1. Send me the link of the post they read

2. Send me the time of the post

3. Send me the views, when they logged into the post (upper right corner)

4. Select four blogs a day for four days

5. PM me each day with the four selected blogs.

This allows me to see where and what is moving posts! Thanks to all that have said they would help!!!


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