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Parental blessing is the greatest succession that children can get. A special mother’s blessing.A man loves his mother and does not know, not thinking, because it is as natural as he lives: and only during the time of the last growth, he notices how deep the root of this love is. No other love can be compared with it, because the rest of the others appear later, while this is from birth.A beautiful saying about love for a mother that is instructive to each of us.

1. Mother – it was a bank in which we left all our pains and worries. – Tomas De Vit Talmad.

2. Your mother is more valuable and more important than all the landings of goods. – Violet James.

3. Call your mother. Tell her you love her.Remember, you are the person who has heard the heartbeats of her heart until you have been in this world. – Rachel Volchin

4. My mother is a song I will never be able to write, although all I write is a song dedicated to my mother. – Sharon Dabiago.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. I had to click no, but this is only recently. She has Alzheimers, and isn’t herself lately. I love my mom, we were best friends my whole life. She is one amazing woman I would be grateful to be half of what she was.

  2. Unfortunately, my mother passed away some years ago. You are right, though is saying, that my mother’s heartbeat was the first thing that I heard. But sometimes her heartbeat was so fast when she was in a car. She was deadly afraid of riding in a car and she passed that fear of a moving vehicle to me. To this day I am very leary of getting in a vehicle and am afraid of traffic. There is nothing like my two legs to travel and my mother also agreed with that completely…

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