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In the cover picture, yes, I need to clean my office! The concept of 360-degree photography continues to expand. The impact of the capability is still a bit away. Yesterday I talked about robots. Everyone was comfortable with a robot that would clean their house. I expected that I would like like a robot that cleaned my house. I would, hence the picture, love one that would organize my office. I need organizational and cleaning help! The concept of robotic replacement is interesting. First of all, let’s talk about dangerous jobs. Those are the jobs that put a human at risk. I think at this juncture the majority of people would agree that dangerous jobs could, should probably be replaced by robots.

Remember, human skills in those dangerous situations are still required to operate the robot. It is a one to one trade, but we no longer risk the human being! If you watch the news, you will see that they have embraced drones to show footage after events. They also use the drones to show footage where it isn’t safe for a human cameraperson to go. The camera person still operates the drone. In this scenario, as well as the cleaning my house scenario, I suspect most people would agree, robots are good. The reality of a cleaning robot today is there are robots that can vacuum, and robots that can mop your floor automatically. Now you still have to empty the device, but it operates on a schedule.

The area where people get nervous is the nation-dangerous jobs and robotic replacement. I posted an interesting question on a couple of the social networks, asking would you visit a robotic therapist. The reality is, with AI, we could have a robotic therapist as an intake person for a specialized therapist. They, the therapeutic robot, wouldn’t replace the therapist; they would just be the starting point.

Why would a robotic entry therapist be useful? With AI, and access to real-time data (say the DSM 5 online and searchable) the entry or baseline questions can help drive a direction for the human therapist. Therapy is more than talking. It is about interaction. It is about body language; it is about the answers to questions. All of those are things that a robotic therapist can capture, and with AI provides a high-level direction.

But, I suspect that would terrify most people.

Why use robots in manufacturing? They do the same thing 100 times a day and don’t get tired. That means the first bolt, is as tight as the last bolt.

Someone has to program that robotic manufacturing arm. Someone has to operate it. Someone has to program it!

  • Do you think dangerous jobs should be done by robots when possible?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Fire and Police departments rely on robots today, should they?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Food delivery robots are being tested today. Would you take food from a robot?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. unless you want to be Amish, your way of life will change. you can lose your job to outsourcing even if you don’t lose it to an immigrant, or a robot, or just someone younger. when you think about it that way, the prejudice shown to immigrants and robots is just plain ignorance

  2. They are great to check packages for bombs and many other things. But I will not have one delivering food to me! Cool photo. I was gonna mention about your office but decided not to. You are too busy to clean. You will lose something if you clean!

    • I will lose something if I clean 🙂

      A pizza company has, on three different college campuses, begun delivering pizza with a robot.

      So far the reaction has been much easier than a human. They don’t go on roads. the keep the pizza hot.

  3. I think a robot will not clean up and arrange things in a house like human hands. One example: If there is a collection of 1000 small pieces in a house. Can they clean them up and then arrange them in the same order, ie where they were before?

  4. I’ve been interested in this stuff for a long time. I marked the first human killed by a robot. Some say 1979 (USA Ford plant) or 1981 (Japan, Kawasaki heavy industries plant). One of my uncles was Vice President of Sales for IBM International Robotics Division. I teased him a bit – not seriously though. Back then the idea was scarier because it was newer. Now there is a long history of use which has made factories safer I think and quality controls immensely better. The therapist? I have to say no. I would also refuse to speak with a human therapist who had a camera pointed at my face – I think the reasons are the same. And, I always wished that AI was called Barely Simulated Cognition instead. I think we sell our intelligence short.

    • Oh to live in interesting times.

      I spend a lot of time talking to the MIT folks.

      They have an interesting view of robotics that will hopefully become wide spread soon.

      Why should humans do jobs we are not good at.

      • I always enjoyed working with my hands and such. 13 years as a hot glass furnace worker, installing/lighting art exhibits, construction work, etc… I always liked to think that no robot could and always wondered. Oh, MIT – are they the guys with the DOD robot panther thing? Now that is truly scary! I think because of intent of use. Hey, no robot can do my job better than me (ha, ha, ha)

        • What I took away from your comment honestly is exactly why you would be a great addition to a team designing robots.

          You have a breadth of experience.

          The reality is robots are going to replace humans doing mundane tasks.

          But, when considering lighting a space, you need a human there to manage the variables.

  5. It would surely be the best robot to do dangerous work …. I just can not imagine a robot – a firefighter for example …. but there are too many robots … this is my opinion … people will be left without work

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