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More on compute history and a conversation about Virily!


The reality of what we covered yesterday, Cloud computing is that cloud computing is for the most focused on the reality of automation. Private and Personal clouds are more expensive in that you have to, in deploying them, have 100% of your maximum capacity available. With a personal cloud and a private cloud you, as the cloud owner and operator are responsible for the hardware. With Community, SaaS and Public cloud offerings, you only rent the computing power for your Virtual Machines.

  1. Virtual Machine is a computer asset that is not physical. You pay for what you use!
  2. There is a concept I will cover later that also fits, called a Cloud aware or cloud-enabled applicat9ion.

Virily, the application we all know and love is a web application. It has several features that are somewhat standard in the web world and several features that are well, unique. The standard features are ones that most of us are aware of and have used in many web applications. is a web site. It is an e-commerce web site. The unique things about Amazon are behind the front end. The end is similar to web sites built in the mid-199-0s when the first web sites began to appear. HTML has continued to improve and evolve since those early sites. The thing to remember about web sites is that the people that build the site, normally have a browser preference. They, the developers,  use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Intent Explorer, Mosaic and so on their computer. The browser they use influences what they built. So if the site (say functions better with a Safari browser, well what is shocking about that. The same is true for Google and the Chrome browser and of course, Microsoft and its Edge or IE browsers.

The back end or unique parts of Virily is where the complexity begins. Add to that complexity the users connecting and you see why sometimes admins don’t talk to users! Your computer, your connection, the time your browser takes to connect in MS, the site ( and the action you are taking all drive the various errors we get. 503 and 504 errors are often somewhere in the middle between your computer and the Verily servers. 524 errors are also in the middle. Why? It is a timeout error; sometimes your browser doesn’t like to wait. Sometimes the server isn’t responding in a timely fashion. In both cases, you get 524 errors.

All of the errors are frustrating. That is something that all of us experience, and it is frustrating. But the complexity of Virily is what lies beyond the browser page.

More to come

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  1. I knew timeout errors occurred because my browser doesn’t like to wait, and I’m quite disappointed. I’ve always thought machines and their programs didn’t have feelings, but they happen to be impatient. Whatever. 🙈

  2. Virily is a great place and yes, I am interested in knowing how to increase my reader numbers. But it should not be here alone in Virily. I also want more readers from outside of this platform. When I write, I also consider SEO. But I am still in the process of digging deeper in it.

  3. a timeout could be serverside, if the server(s) becomes overwhelmed by requests but it could also be clientside, if your system is running more processes than it can handle. however, if the network between your system and the network has a lot of latency, the timeout could occur anywhere inbetween

        • with pings in this scenairio, I am more interested in figuring out the differences between connections.

          I sit at 4, 5 ms most days.
          Say you are at 15-30 per connection. If you have 503/504 issues it is different than if I have them. If you have a 524 it is a 50/50 that it is your connection not the actual site.

          That’s why knowing what the baseline is first helps!

          • absolutely. but if you don’t know the IP address of a machine in close proximity to the server you’re trying to ping, you can hardly establish a basis for comparison

            but if you have a baseline, you can calculate the deviation

        • exactly!

          I actually don’t want to use IP addresses in this test. I want to test against DNS connections.

          I can shave time off of directly pinging an IP address.
          Most users, however, go to – not the buried IP address 🙂

  4. ….”Add to that complexity the users connecting and you see why sometimes admins don’t talk to users!”

    I don’t think that is a good excuse for getting no response from emails or communication. Just sayin’.

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