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Modern Strangers in the Night A Poem

Frank Sinatra made the song “Strangers in the Night” popular and it remains a classic still today. However, times have changed and as much as Ol’ Blue Eyes sings about how wonderful it is that they have met and that they will no longer be strangers these days you can never be too careful. So I have come up with a more modern version of this song. Let me know what you think.

Strangers in the night carefully looking over each other

Wondering who the terrorist might be

Perhaps it could be but chances are slim

that we could make it through the night

Something in your eyes was so alarming

Something in your smile so threatening

Something in my heart told me that I must flee

Strangers in the night

Two strangers not trusting one another

making the moment so exciting

our fight was just a moment away

Ever since that night

I have been so careful

strangers make enemies at first sight

at least I survived that night


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    Do you agree that today we have to be careful of strangers?

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  1. i sang it out loud to the tune, it fits pretty well a couple of bridges but works!

    The reality of strangers is one that I wonder. I do know for example that in the 1960s a young woman died because no one would come out of their apartments to help her as she screamed (stabbed over and over0.

    I know that the modern world presents many terrors.
    But shouldn’t we always be nervous of strangers?

      • when I was a kid, I left the house in the summer at 8 am. I didn’t come home until dinner for many days. I didn’t check-in, and I was always running around.

        When i had kids, i knew or my wife knew where they were every minute.

        you are so right, it is a different world!

  2. You’re right. Nowadays we have distrust of each other. Sometimes thinking one of us is a terrorist. Again we can be neighbors for many years but still strangers. We barely know each other’s names.


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