Miscarriage ~ 365 Photos Challenge 278

With a view to taking a break, I returned early from the office this afternoon. I thought it would be good if I could sleep at least one hour at home because my wife and I had to attend NGO meetings in the evening.

I’ve just laid down and not closing my eyes yet, when Alanda went into my room and called, “Daddy, look, why Susie is behaving strangely?”

Then I will get up from the bed and come to Susie who seems to be trying to reach two kittens from the hand of my daughter who has just lifted from their sleeping box while meowing strangely. “Heyyy… what’s wrong with you, Susie?” I asked Susie, rubbing her head. Alanda I immediately ask to enter her room so as not to be disturb.

Susie continued to be anxious and followed my every step. After minutes, soon she ran behind the drawers in the corner of the TV room, one of her favorite hiding places. Just for a moment, then she paced back and forth. That’s when my eyes suddenly caught pink water splashes on the floor. I also asked my wife, “What water is that drop?”

When I noticed then, it seemed like the pink droplets followed Susie’s footsteps. Instantly I realized that the droplets were Susie’s amniotic water. She continues to be anxious, keep back and forth, while still meowing. During the umpteenth time she jumped behind the drawers, I once again checked the place. On the floor, there were so many drops of amniotic fluid, but above the drawers, there was something that caught my attention. I took a magnifying glass and watched carefully, and it turned out to be true, it was a fetus.

In the midst of his anxiety and movements, here and there, back behind the drawers, meowing in front of my daughter’s door, lick her body, and back to the back of the drawers, in the end, I saw another fetus and two other pieces that I guessed were placentae.

Poor Susie, she has had a miscarriage. What still raises the question to date is his strange attitude towards the two kittens. I don’t know if she thought the two children were her children, who she had tried to approach before she miscarried, but all this time she had always stayed away from them.

Until I came home a few hours ago, she was still restless looking for the two kittens, even trying to approach them when I placed them on my lap. Really, I’m quite confused to address Susie’s behavior. Hopefully, you can provide input for that.

Could it be that the kitten that Susie often already see before, later she considered as her child?

  • Question of

    Is it safe if I let the two kittens be approached by Susie?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Could it be that the kitten that Susie often already see before, later she considered as her children?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Is Susie’s change in attitude not a territorial reason?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Users voted 5 times.
    Q: Is it safe if I let the two kittens be approached by Susie?

    Yes (5 votes) – 83%
    No (1 votes) – 17%

    Q: Could it be that the kitten that Susie often already see before, later she considered as her children?

    Yes (2 votes) – 50%
    No (2 votes) – 50%

    Q: Is Susie’s change in attitude not a territorial reason?

    Yes (2 votes) – 40%
    No (3 votes) – 60%

  2. It’s sad, but it happens. Cats are very caring mothers, so Susie will search for surrogate children to take care of them. Let her take care of two orphaned kittens, it will be good both for Sussie and kittens. She also may start to breastfeed babies, because it will ease her painful breasts. Just let motherless babies be adopted by a childless mother. The Universe arranged everything the best possible way. 🙂

    • Yes, it is, Lado. It’s a sad story. We’ve been and still consider to make Susie as the foster mother because there are some risks of kittens without mother that means there will no original milk for them with the risks of a low immune system.

      I totally agree that every cat has their own character like the human as well.

  3. I am not too sure what to answer. But one question: what Susie pregnant? Or are they a miscarriage from another cat? I had one female once who had a stillbirth and she (sorry to say this) ate the stillborn kitten while the other kittens, although born slightly too early were OK. If this was Susie’s litter, I can understand her pacing around especially if it was her first one. Even though female cats have an ingrain instinct, sometimes, mostly with their first litter, they do not really understand and know what to do. I would suggest trying to contact the resident Virily expert on cats: Zaklina. Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Tell Susie for me that it will be OK and that everything will fall back in place.

    • I really aware that Susie pregnant. I know exactly how Popeye (our cat before he disappears) and Rocky, neighbor’s cat, tried to approach her constantly in this season. Later she doesn’t have the appetite for a couple of days but suddenly always ask to eat every two or three hours, and besides, she’s breasts getting bigger.

      I saw how she’s so anxious yesterday, and how often she licked her feminine hood while her bum wet by the amniotic fluid.

      I have the same idea about waiting for Zaklina the Goddess of pet advice.

      I’ll tell Susie about your concern for her. Thank you.

  4. Oh my goodness Albert. I am not even sure how to answer your questions. I hope someone else will come along to help you. I am sorry I have no answers. I will say my first response would be, since she had nothing to do with the kittens before this happened, maybe she felt them as a threat. I hesitate to say that because I could be wrong. You would think if she thought the two kittens as her own she would have paid them attention before this incident. Also, I have seen cats and dogs lose their babies and then take other babies as their own, so it is so difficult to answer correctly. I believe each situation is different and you have to do a trial and error. Try one thing, if it works great, if not, try something else. Sorry but that is all I know to say.


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