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Yesterday I read some alarming news forwarded by a loved one and I was int turn going to forward it to my contacts when I stopped to check if the news was really true. The news I read made me angry and I was ready for the next protest, but good sense prevailed. When I checked googled the information I figured out that something like that never happened where I live. It was a video from another country from another time.

In a few minutes I had the same post forwarded to me at least thrice. I had to respond to all those who forwarded the news to me with the right information. Fake news is the flavor of the times. People seem to mindlessly create fake videos for some cheap views and  we keep forwarding it to others without thinking or checking the veracity of the news.

At least in my contacts groups people know that it is not okay to forward stuff mindlessly. It is important not to assume that all that the social media churns is not 100% true. It is really important not to forward news about a country/situation when tempers are running high and  people are unhappy. We do more harm than good to our society that way.

I am sad to say that this is the same with instant and natural cures for diseases.  Forwarding wrong health information could cost someone their life.

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    Do you check the news before you forward it to others?

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    Do you think that there is more fake news and rumors floating around today than ever before?

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  1. The internet is so full of news that you can never be sure what is real or fake I always check everything before I post it even if I think it is true. I save all my work in folders and when I sometimes share something that I had written a while back I first check to see if this news is still relevant or if it needs to be changed or just deleted,

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