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Meeting Santa Claus

There he was again

that man in the red coat

with that funny hat

his beard so long and white

his cheeks so pink

he seemed so very jolly

Ho, ho, ho

meanwhile mommy

was looking at the dollies

I wondered why

she even bothered

when this man

called Santa

was able to bring me

as many dollies

as I wanted

I knew that every Christmas season

I could find him there

sitting in his big chair

there in the department store

then I didn’t know

I would get a little scared

What could I say to that fat man?

the one with the white beard

then suddenly the words

would just come

and before you know it

Christmas would come riding in

when I saw the dolly

the one I wanted

I always knew

that the man in the red hat

would always be a friend to me

when Christmas came around again

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