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Mechanical Angels

Mechanical angels came from different skies,

Together they gather to plant rainbow rice,

Mechanical angels came of different kinds

Dancing gracefully to lift the humankind.

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Mechanical angels from different heavens

Silently saying prayers for their foes and friends

Mechanical angels who work with different Gods

Keeping their promises to all people  by all odds

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Mechanical angels of different worlds

Singing harmoniously of wonderful words

Mechanical angels, together they agree

That there is love and for all  it is  free

****Acknowledgement:  Although I composed the lines of this poem, the idea of “mechanical angel” was from my bf’s creative brain.***

  • What do you think is a mechanical angel?

    • Fictional angel
    • An angel who does what is told
    • We are but mechanical angels.
    • Angels from different spiritual beliefs


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