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Match ~ Macro Monday

I had almost no chance to share any pictures for today until I saw that match that I got from my cousin this afternoon. Without thinking for a long time, I shot it, at close range. Well, it’s better than nothing.

Today, the second day in Yogya is indeed too many activities and meetings that must be done, both concerning work, social, and kinship. One interesting thing about all that, which is even related to the picture is that a match will definitely light up if it is swiped, but as people who have multiple intelligence, we don’t have to be reactive like matches. We can choose to be burned or not, or even change the energy produced from friction into a deeper understanding. If that’s what we do and we get, there will definitely be more smiles that we have, and of course, the breath that remains regular, smooth, and relieved.

Well, I think this is related to our emotional intelligence, our character, in responding to friction, and whether we tend to be pro-active or reactive.

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    Do you still find such a match around you?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Have you ever collecting a matchbox?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you tend to consider your character trait as:

    • No
    • Reactive
    • Pro-active
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    • Yes
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  1. Users voted 12 times.
    Q: Do you still find such a match around you?

    Yes (14 votes) – 100%

    Q: Have you ever collecting a matchbox?

    Yes (6 votes) – 43%
    No (8 votes) – 57%

    Q: Do you tend to consider your character trait as:

    No (3 votes) – 25%
    Reactive (3 votes) – 25%
    Pro-active (6 votes) – 50%

    Q: Pro-active

    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%

  2. Friction seems like a negative in this context…
    It can be really essential in others … like the brake system in bicycles …

    I guess it depends, if that burning flame is filled with passion and motivates or if it lights up the darkness for a while… Fire doesn’t always just burn and destroy.

  3. Now you are getting into a really fun area. It is a part of one of the issues of the internet. Given pressure (friction) the match ignites. There are many users of the internet with a little pressure ignite into flames.

    In fact, in the beginnings of the internet, we called it Flaming someone.

    Pressure impacts all of us, the pressure is what (friction) causes the sulfur in the match to heat and the remaining chemicals to burst into flames.

    The sad thing is that it happens to people as well.

  4. A wonderful article I train on proper breathing regularly and try to gain positive energy regardless of the negatives that walk around me until I achieve my goal🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘

    • I am so glad for your comments on a number of things:
      – for your compliment, and thank you
      – because you consider yourself as pro-active coz it means you create and influence and not vice versa
      – because I will go home later this evening. I miss family, but of course I will enjoy the rest of the time here, hopefully the activities don’t take much time.

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