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Maple Syrup

Pancakes and maple syrup make a perfect combination.  When I was on my US package tour I got introduced to this delectable combination.  I was determined to take back with me a genuine bottle of maple syrup. 

After my package tour I spent time with family and friends who have settled in the US. That was a great experience as I got to see how folks in the US go about their daily life. 

My nephew took me to the Colorado mountains and there we got to visit a shop where they were selling pure maple syrup.  He bought me a bottle. 

  • Have you tasted pancakes with Maple syrup?

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  1. Yum yum, yes maple syrup is exquisitely delicious. But you should really try it when the sap of the maple tree is spread over snow and you pick it up with a wooden stick and roll the mixture over the stick and lick it up. It is so very good. Also beaver tails are made of pure maple sugar. It is a dough like shape of beaver tail. Melts in your mouth. But of course maple syrup and pancakes or toasts is just as good. I am delighted you got a chance to taste it….

    • I have never been anywhere close to a maple tree. I wish I had. I will look for that beaver tail online. I am a foodie that goes in search of stuff that needs to be tasted before I kick the bucket (lol)

      • I hope you find it. In French it is called queue de castor. There is a business franchise called Beaver Tails here in Canada and they sell these. But on the Rideau Canal during winter time, if I remember, some vendors sell them topped with maple syrup or cinnamon or simple sugar etc. I have not had a beaver tail in ages as they are extremely sugary and pound a wallop on your scale after eating them…


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