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Mangoes Everywhere

We took our car out of the garage after 55 days yesterday. We needed to get some fresh air, we just needed to go out of the house even if we didn’t get down from the car or do anything. The dogs were more excited than us when they heard the words ‘we go in the car’.

We drove through a number of mango orchards, guava orchards and vineyards. It was beautiful just to see so much greenery. Mangoes hung low from the trees, some ripe and bitten by squirrels and some fallen down, some just ready to ripen. There were no humans around and no one to pick and pack the fruits. It was cattle feed now. The cows were enjoying the ripe mangoes.

It is sad to see so much food go to waste. The owners of these orchards must be feeling terrible  as they orchards were left to themselves and fruits wasted. With everyone off work due to covid 19 people suffer so much loss and this wastage of fresh fruits seemed criminal to me when so many go hungry.

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    Did you feel awful ,when you see food wasted?

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    Did you ever get out of your home during the lockdown?


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  1. Here in Spain, despite the pandemic, these activities have not stopped working. Even the rural community needs and recruits workers. It is a pity that with you things are left to this state to boil fruits and produce.

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