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Mammillaria Blooms – Cacti and Succulents

The sweet smell of these flowers make me think I am in paradise. The fragrance of these cacti blooms is very mild, but when you stand near them it feels like you are in a different place. Three of buds have bloomed today and there are a lot more coming.

The flowers themselves look so pure and beautiful in white. I have been waiting for these buds to open for days and this morning I was greeted by three of the mammillaria flowers fluttering their petals to the mild morning breeze. Bees and butterflies will be buzzing around them during the day.

I always wonder how these bulbous, thorny cacti produce such dainty , delicate flowers. They need to be seen to be believed.

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  1. When I was walking I found early blooming cacti. Because they are only alive for 24 hours. I have a photo in the older photos here of the Queen of the Night. It blooms in yellow and has an open color in the early morning. She is very beautiful.

    • The Queen of the night blooms here only after the weather has cooled down in August or September. Last year I have 11 of them blooming at the same time from on plant. They are night blooming while these are day blooming cacti.

  2. 80% of the people here said that they like cacti and succulents while 20% said they don’t like them.
    While 67% so far have said that they knew that cacti have pretty blooms while 33% answered “no”
    Quite interesting. I would like to share more pictures of cacti and succulents in bloom.

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