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Making writing sites better – adding categories and helping automatically moderate some posts

Someone once asked me why I post columns like yesterday. Well, the easy answer is the awesome community here steps up. Yesterday is no exception! I got two great additional ideas yesterday that I wanted to bring to the community as a whole and examine those ideas a little more. I did want to say thank you to every single member of the community that voted, commented, and discussed the tops of yesterday. We have a great community here, and I enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and conversations with those of you that did comment! As I said out of yesterday, I got two opinions. I am going to list the concepts and then describe what they might look like in-depth.

  1. What if the unmoderated posts went into view called unmoderated. If a post there got enough likes (or opinions or comments), it would move into the official site. Allowing for this would reduce the wear and tear on the admin team (and reduce their workload), allowing them to run plagiarism checks on more posts, including the verified users).
  2. Fewer categories on the site but many more subcategories for writers
    1. Lifestyle –
  • Fashion
  • Vacation spots
    1. Technology
  • Robotics
  • AI/ML
  • Computers
  • The internet
    1. Literature
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Other

You get the idea to have 5 or 6 main categories and then have authors choose the ones that best fit. We could then have the author moderators move things out of their moderated areas (say I was moderating technology and someone posted how to make Chocolate Chip cookies, I could move that into lifestyle cooking)!

So let’s dive into the first one – the concept of all posts being life, but posts that are not moderated would be managed in an unmoderated view. Doing this allows for posts to be automatically moderated once they reached a specific threshold of views, comments, or upvotes. That number is something we should discuss (please do in the comments)!

The second is merely taking the idea of new categories, and adding the concept of reduced classes overall (say 10) but adding 20 or 30 additional subcategories. It allows people to view the site without having to view things they are not interested in. The reverse of course that they could view posts in a specialized area (say Poetry). Thanks to everyone that contributed yesterday.

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    what if we asked for top level categories and then sub categories?

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    • No
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    What about new unmoderated posts available in an area (unmoderated) if get gets x views or x comments it is moved to the full site?

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    • no
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    Thanks to everyone that commented – great ideas all!!!!

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