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Making Virily Better the new Frequently Asked Questions!

Faq or Frequently asked questions are often constructed as part of what is known as a Tier 9 helpdesk. Tier 1 is that person you talk to on the telephone. Tier 2 is the person tier 1 sends the call to if they cannot fix it. Tier 3 never talks to users; they support tier 2. I’ve seen some widely speculative guesses as to why things happen, instead, let’s start with the facts and have a community discussion.  I have started a collection below of things we know to be true as of today. What I do not know is who is getting badges still, and are the listed criteria in the original FAQ’s still the same.


What we know 0- over the last 28 months the dashboard has updated the day of the month. Early on, in the Virily past, the Dashboard updated daily. It is normally dashboard updates and two-three days later those who get paid that month have money. The other fact we know right now is that one Viril converts to 0.0011192637731625 US cents.


So, I have not had Badges update for a long time. I am as curious about this as anyone else. So, beyond the movie reference, “we don’t need no stinking badges” what about badges?

Known double click issues:

There are two I know of, and I am listing them for the community in our new FAQ.

1. If you double click the upvote or click twice too quickly, it results in a downvote.

2. If you double click the comment button too quickly you get the infamous “duplicate comment submitted error)!

Why can’t I copy-paste the same comment over and over

one it’s rude. Two it is it an enforced comment remove rule.

Why a 20 character limit on comments?

Why is there a 20 character limit on comments? The rule exists people didn’t treat authors posts with value. Good. Nice. Cool. Don’t do anyone any good. I do agree that we should, and we did ask the admin team to move the rule to 10 characters or more from 20. I understand many readers and authors here on Virily are not native English speakers, and the English rule for the site on posts and comments is hard. I find value in every comment. I don’t care if you make a spelling mistake in the comment or your post. Those don’t matter to me. I know you can’t edit your posts or your comments, and I know I’ve made a few spelling errors over the last three years.

Let’s start talking –

  • Question of

    Have you gotten a new or update badge in the last 4 months

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are there more than 20 total badges?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Will you share what you know about badges in the comments?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Personally, I think after someone has posted a certain a mount of posts they should become a verified user. I was wondering about the badges. I guess I do not deserve any more lol.

  2. Q: Have you gotten a new or update badge in the last 4 months
    Yes (4 votes) – 31%
    No (9 votes) – 69%
    Q: Are there more than 20 total badges?
    Yes (4 votes) – 44%
    No (5 votes) – 56%
    Q: Will you share what you know about badges in the comments?
    Yes (9 votes) – 82%
    No (2 votes) – 18%

  3. I never look at the updates very much, I just want to make sure I do my best to work on Virily and try to get up with what goes on.
    Thanks for your explanation ..It makes some things clearer.

        • Do not take locked as saying you shouldn’t post those. We don’t know what that means, it is just another Virily mystery.

          But, everyone is allowed to post any of the templates, versus, quizzes,stories, polls and so on.

          • I wonder then why this question was asked to me.
            There is another issue I have pending posts. Third day today and no posts published but verified users get their posts published everyday. Newbie’s hence continue to stay where they are.

        • All of the verified users used to be newbies as well. We all waited for our posts to be approved.

          I do understand that is frustrating, but those are the site rules.

          I did four posts on Sunday joining Ghostwriters Virily Hero’s challenge, all four have received more than 50 views each. How do you advertise your posts?

        • I have found the following:

          There are specific readers on this site whose reading always generate comments and ultimately generate additional views.

          Those are the authors to get reading your posts.

          I do truly understand the frustration. It takes time to build a following on Virily. Keep going, you are doing a great job!

        • Then I don’t understand what you said.

          You said multiple posts don’t get viewed.

          Then you said your posts are viewed.

          sorry, I am slow this morning. I don’t understand.

        • Ok, then I wouldn’t worry. If the posts are read over time, it doesn’t matter.

          Normally for me, I get 50 views pretty quick for most posts. But, within 10 days I have 100 views for almost all the posts I share.

          I know there are other authors here on Virily that average more than 100 views in a single day.

          • The quizzes that I prepare do get good comments and views but one needs to work very hard to get them ready. I enjoy that effort

            Having said that I am here just a month(lol)

  4. I’ve had two quizzes up for 2 years and no quiz badge. Frankly I couldn’t care less about badges. (and virils, well, I’m starting to wonder if I care about those for badges or whatever.)
    I’m working to suss out other issues. If you can direct me to the explanation of how and when they pay that would be great.

    • Payment is a huge mystery.

      This last month threw a monkey wrench into the usual pattern. I do know that there are people that have their accounts set to negative balances for some reason.

      It is an FAQ but one I cannot answer with any reasonable information. sorry Howard.

      • Well how about why earnings are not calculated and applied for July? Or rather they were and then they were undone? Should my dashboard have remained updated for July whether I got paid or not? (which I did not)

        • “WHAT IS VIRILY?

          VIRILY is a Blogging Platform made by our team with an aim to allow people all over the globe to work and earn money by working on Internet. Virily allows you to earn money starting from the first day! With every single action you make on Virily, whether it be writing content, voting, commenting, reading, etc. you gain virils that will be paid out to you at the end of the month.”
          So, if this doesn’t happen? Then what?

          • There is something passive aggressive about all this. They read stuff here and treat people differently, …. pretty sure that I don’t want to play anymore. I commented on LaJenna’s post that I was in the same situation as her and immediately my dashboard was un-updated. She received a response. Commenting is done for me. It’s off to the shadows …
            I’ll let you know how the failure to contact works out this time.

  5. sometimes when you earn a badge, you are also given a reward in virils. some badges have ranks as well…

    it seems like some badges are locked, which makes me wonder if they are no longer given out even when their criteria has been satisfied

  6. As I mentioned, I have not received a new badge in recent months (I know I should have received it for the polls, maybe another one). As for deleting notifications, I have no problems because I don’t have many notifications. I try to read them regularly and then delete them.

  7. I haven’t received an update on badges especially the quiz badge. I think the admins are few to keep up with the pace or it no longer matters just as some things no longer matter e.g. guest views.

  8. To be honest, I don’t keep with the updates much, and I didn’t know that two upvotes result in a downvote. I thought that the second one just cancels the first one. Good to know!

  9. My issue is the fact that there is no moderation, there is simply delay. That most often from like 10 am EST on Friday until like 7 am EST on Monday I am not published. Sometimes I am not published on Friday or Monday. Why?

    • all of us went through the phase of having our posts moderated.

      The reality of that process is it requires a person. A person requires a salary. Therefore in order to increase the rate, you have to hire more people.
      More people means less money for writers because of the cost.

        • Getting to verified? That has been covered in a number of posts. If you go to the Verily editor page there is a post they made about two years ago that defines the requirements for Verified.

          As for the moderators, my impression is that they are working Monday – Friday. Seems only fair, there does not appear to be weekend moderators right now.

  10. The badges serve no purpose in my opinion. I think we max out at 20 but it is a guessing game. I prefer other issues being resolved and give up the badges. I agree with Elenka, we need to be able to delete all notifications at once if we have thousands, which I do.

  11. I don’t look at them. They have no effect on the activity here. I like the questions asked. I don’t know why no one talks about deleting more than one page of notifications (like marking 10 pages and deleting them). I have nearly 22,000.