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Making noise on New Year’s eve

In the tradition of Filipinos for the New Year, it is welcomed by the noise of the firecrackers and by the spectacle of the fireworks. In the olden days, the lighting of the firecrackers start early. You can imagine the money that people spend for the fireworks and firecrackers for the occasion.

In the recent years, the government has been discouraging the lighting up of firecrackers and even fireworks because they cause accidental injuries that people land in the hospital with severed fingers or burned faces. For safety purpose, we just use anything that can make a noise instead of the firecrackers. The makeshift horn is good or even a small jar with coins that sounds like a rattle will do in welcoming the new year with a bang.

  • Do you welcome the new year with noise?

    • Yes
    • we do not wait for midnight
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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