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Making fun of myself

I used to be serious person with a poker face that people are intimidated just by my face. Fortunately I got to learn how to smile with sincerity and that was the time when I discovered that I have a little sense of humor. It is not an easy life when there are problems and that you cannot even smile.

Why not make fun, not of other people like those silly stand up comics do, but make fun of myself. In this digital age when the picture is cheap, it is easy to take photos and videos just for fun. When I posted this picture in Facebook, there were so many “violent” reactions because it is not me, they said. And why not me when I want to have fun, right?

  • Do you easily smile when there is a funny thing?

    • Yes
    • no
    • sometimes
    • it depends on the joke


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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