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Making a list for May 2019

I am doing the 500 words a day challenge, but there were many days I didn’t make it. I did write in my own journal some days though I didn’t write on Virily all the days. I signed up Jeff Goins’ 500 words a day challenge and I am receiving the emails with writing prompt daily. I just read one of the writing prompt is to make a list. I was just writing a list of what I want to learn or do in May. I think this is a nice topic to write about.

Books I want to read:

1. The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne (There are still two chapters for me to finish up this book since January).

2. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

3. The Magician’s Nephew – the first book of The Chronicles of Narnia series (My eldest son requested me to make this my next to-read book)

4. Practice Advice for Teachers by Rudolf Steiner (This is an useful book for me to read for homeschooling)

Skills I want to learn

1. Form Drawing

2. Painting

3. Doodling

4. Hand Lettering

I plan to spend 30 minutes every alternate day for practicing Form Drawing and Painting (these are for homeschooling) and 10 minutes everyday for practicing doodling and hand lettering (for my own interest or relaxation).

There are still others I would like to do in May, such as decluttering and organizing my home, and other reading online, but these are the main ones I want to accomplish.

What are your to-do or to-read list in May?

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